Parents of Logan Dunne say ‘closure’ received after 163 days of searching for son

A 'lost and found' sign was located near where his body was ultimately discovered.
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 6:37 PM CST
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PEORIA (25News Now) - As search for Logan Dunne comes to an unfortunate end, his parents, Brian and Heather Dunne have a message for those who spent endless hours looking for him.

They spoke with 25News, shortly after returning home from the woods where he was found.

They say they found some comfort in that journey.

Brian and Heather did not want to speak on camera, but they said it took an “army” to help find their son.

They describe seeing his “lost and found” poster near the spot he was discovered, near Kickapoo Creek.

Brian says they knew they were close during that long search, “he’d stick to you know, ‘home’, and he would be in the woods. I’d always say he’ll probably go to the woods, which unfortunately would be his downfall. He was found exactly where we’d expected him to be found.”

On Sunday, Nov. 12, when Brian and Heather’s phone rang (with the caller ID reading the name of the detective working their case) that’s when they knew they were about to receive the news they were waiting for 163 days later.

”I just knew when I saw his name pop up that this was it. You know how you sit there and expect that phone call, and after 163 days, you’re still waiting for the phone call and it never comes and you think you’re prepared for it but it still hits you like a ton of bricks,” the pair explained.

A hunter on the prowl for deer instead found Logan’s body in the woods.

With some prayers answered, one even from that hunter described by the message sent to the family on his behalf, “he stood over Logan and said a prayer which was very helpful for us,” Heather continues, “It’s not the way we prayed for it to end but we’re just thankful that he was found and to move forward with the process of grieving.”

The parents are now preparing to plan an official burial for the favorite uncle to seven nieces and nephews.

”For any consolation, it’s a beautiful spot right over Kickapoo Creek right overlooking the creek so. It’s a very peaceful, very peaceful area,” they explained.

The husband and wife have this message for the dozens who helped them search on so many hot, summer days, “we couldn’t have gotten through this without so many people coming alongside of us. We always had Logan’s Army, that’s what we called it: Logan’s Army.”

Meantime, Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood said on Tuesday that the autopsy on Logan’s remains was inconclusive.

Human remains identified as Logan were found late Sunday morning in the woods east of the 300 block of North Kickapoo Creek Road.

He was positively identified using dental records.

Logan was last seen alive June 2 when he left Carle Health Methodist in Peoria after receiving mental health care.