Road crews taking advantage of warm weather to fill potholes

A pothole sitting in waiting for an innocent victim to drive over it.
A pothole sitting in waiting for an innocent victim to drive over it.(WEEK)
Published: Feb. 5, 2023 at 9:47 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - You may have seen Peoria Public Works crews already out and about the last few days, with a singular goal in mind: start filling those dreaded potholes.

The task is an all-year round process, meaning there’s no particular season to fill them, they do it when it’s needed. What crews look for is a quiet and dry stretch of weather to fill as many as they can. So crews are taking advantage of the nice weather over the past several days.

“Being dry is probably the most critical thing when it comes to filling potholes,” says Communication Specialist for the Peoria Department of Public Works, Nick McMillions. “Just because when we’re putting in either that hot mix asphalt or the cold mix asphalt into those potholes, the least amount of moisture in those holes will create a better seal.”

But what if your car gets damaged from hitting one?

“If your car is damaged, call us and we’ll get you into our liability experts and handle the situation correctly,” says McMillions.

Peoria Public Works wants to remind drivers to drive carefully and patiently around crews who are out working on the roads. Luckily, thanks to the nice weather we’ve had, fewer potholes are out there in Peoria (for now).

If you have a pothole in mind that you want to be filled, you can call Peoria Public Works or go to their website here to submit a request.