Bloomington woman receives award for public service in wake of fatal Nov. 2022 crash

LeRoy Police and Illinois State Police Troopers recognize and award Alissa Cole for actions...
LeRoy Police and Illinois State Police Troopers recognize and award Alissa Cole for actions taken during a fatal crash November 2022.(LeRoy Police Department)
Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 2:44 PM CST
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LeROY (25 News Now) - A Bloomington woman is being recognized with the LeRoy Police Department’s Citizen Public Service Award for her efforts after a fatal accident on November 18, 2022.

The department said on Facebook that a toddler was rescued by passersby from a badly mangled vehicle who stopped to help and was given to Alissa Cole.

Cole wrapped the child in a blanket, provided her with a juicebox, kept her warm in her car in the cold temperatures and comforted her until medical personnel arrived.

Police say Cole took the child to the ambulance for an evaluation, but by that time, the toddler did not want to let go of Cole because of the bond that had formed.

Cole then went to the ER in the ambulance and sat with the child in the hospital for over four hours.

“Alissa put her own life on hold, left her car and belongings behind, to help a young child, unknown to her, through a horrific incident,” said LeRoy Police Sgt. Nathan Wilkins, who witnessed Cole’s actions and nominated her for the award. “The actions she took and the love she showed that child on scene provided me with comfort and warmed my heart. I knew that I could concentrate on other tasks required of me at the scene because of the love and compassion Alissa gave that child. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is a better place with Hero’s like Alissa among us.”

Cole was also recognized by area state troopers.

In recognition of your actions as a good Samaritan providing care to a child passenger of a traffic crash which occurred on November 18th, 2022. Your selfless actions in caring for and comforting the child allowed first responders to care for other individuals and complete other tasks pertaining to the crash. The act of putting your own life on hold to provide love and compassion to the child deserves recognition and The Illinois State Police commends you for your selfless acts.

The child was united with out-of-state family members and is doing great, according to police. The child’s father also extended his gratitude to Cole.

The driver was pronounced deceased on scene that day.