70 Years: Forecasting the weather and keeping Peoria informed

Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 11:15 AM CST
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When WEEK-TV signed on for the first time 70 years ago, it made a commitment to serve the community. And that included its commitment to forecasting the weather and warning viewers of severe weather.

WEEK-TV’s first weatherman was Bill Houlihan. His radio experience at WEEK 13-50 Am, his training as a pilot and flight instructor and his down-home delivery… gave this hometown boy a leg up on the competition. Houli as everyone called him, was even the host of a teen dance party show called The Hi-Fi Club.

Following Houli was Vic Burnett. Vic drew upon his theatrical background as both performer and director to present a sophisticated forecast. Vic was also the long-time moderator of the annual Spelling Bee broadcast.

Houli returned to WEEK in 1976 and remained the main weather person until his untimely death in 1994. Lee Ranson joined the team and was the #1 weather forecaster until his retirement.

Now we have Chief Meteorologist and 45-year veteran Chuck Collins….

Over the past 70 years, WEEK has covered powerful storms & tornadoes, witnessed blizzards and seen incredible advances in weather technology. But our commitment to our community hasn’t wavered since our beginning in 1953.