One Class at a Time: Makerspace Providing A Unique Learning Experience

Mrs. Burns at Carlock Elementary is turning to a stem-based curriculum to bring out her kids creativity.
Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 10:35 AM CST
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CARLOCK, Ill (25 News Now) - Allowing the imagination to run wild, that’s the great thing about Mrs. Burns’ 4th grade class at Carlock Elementary.

Students are staying busy all within the stem-based curriculum called Makerspace.

“They love Makerspace and stem pens, where it’s a time for them to be creative and innovative, construct, to build, design.”

The Maker movement itself is based on development, allowing for students to have hands-on learning through innovation.

“Some students have built cars and boats, and they build houses or something for their home. I had a student one time build a vent to bring the cold air from their floor from up underneath their bed.”

The teacher of 17 years says she has an idea what she will do with the new cash.

“I’ll probably have the students come up with a list of things to do. I’m always replenishing the Makerspace materials so it will probably go toward those types of things.”