Drug shortages impact local pharmacy

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 10:06 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - More people are sick when it gets cold, but getting treatment needed, especially for kids, is not so easy to come by when it comes to finding a variety of meds from pain relievers to controlled substances.

The shortages have already impacted Alwan Pharmacy and Compounding Center in Peoria.

The FDA says since October it has tracked an Adderall shortage.

“When a major player goes out, the rest of the small players can’t absorb the demand and we see a shortage,” said Pharmacist Brent Doering at Alwan Pharmacy.

Doering says in the past month he has gained almost 30 customers looking to fill their Adderall prescriptions.

More recently, a jump in RSV infections has led to a shortage of antibiotics like Amoxicillin.

“The supply chain has been interrupted for a couple of years now and it ebbs, and flows and it depends what season we’re in and what drugs we’re talking about, but I see this often,” said Doering.

Doering says more doctors have reached out to his pharmacy, as he’s still able to fill orders.

“I got wind of the amoxycillin shortage ahead of time and I was able to source several bottles of the suspension for children,” said Doering.

The shortages are not just seen behind the counter, but also over the counter.

“Ibuprofen is also in short supply. That’s difficult to get and that’s something I cannot do right now, I can’t find any of it,” said Doering.

Alwan Pharmacy is also able to make its own Ibuprofen as it is a compounding pharmacy.

While Doering says the usual shortage of cold medications, pain relivers and antibiotics happens during flu season, the Adderall shortage was not expected.

“I only see narcotic shortages toward the end of the year when manufacturers have met what they’re allowed to produce, it gets better in January,” said Doering.

Doering says people should speak with their doctors if their pharmacy does not have their medication.

“We let them know what we have and what we don’t. We’re in touch and so, when my supplier runs out, if I can’t get anymore, I will let them know,” said Doering.