More students given access to Peoria Riverfront Museum thanks to sponsors

Proceeds from the Christmas in the Village event will allow more students to visit the museum
The Every Student Initiative is the museum's flagship program and now they are holding a...
The Every Student Initiative is the museum's flagship program and now they are holding a fundraiser to bring more students to see the exhibits(WEEK)
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 6:10 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - Getting out of the classroom to get a real-world experience.

At the Peoria Riverfront Museum more students are able to visit the exhibits for free

As Brett Brooks shares, with outer space making headlines lately, one student was excited to see the red planet up close. “beginning in the 17th-century people have been dreaming of walking on and discovering the Red planet but for the 7th graders at Roanoke Benson middle school. They don’t have to go too far to see an actual piece of Mars right here.”

”We’re going to get into the Mars so I’m kind of excited to see that and learn a little bit about it,” says Liam Knobloch, a 7th grader studying astronomy.

Stepping outside the classroom is Liam Knobloch and his fellow classmates.

They are just beginning a unit on astronomy at school, and now they are learning even more about mars at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Tyler Severson, the principal at Roanoke-Benson Junior High explains “they get to see it in action when they come here.”

the families and students from all grade levels are able to enjoy this field trip for free thanks in part to sponsors of the museum’s every student initiative.

Paying for each child to see all the exhibits and enjoy the morning away from the classroom.

Pam Hummel, the 6th through 8th grade Science Teacher at Roanoke-Benson says, ”the unsees universe movie they got to see in the Planetarium this morning was a good example of that. Being able to see all the different imagery and see all the different telescopes and all the instrumentation that is out there and how it works together to create amazing images of our universe is just incredible and definitely not something that we can do to that scale back at the school.”

As an Educator and Student Engagement Coordinator, Everley Davis leads the group of museum educators she says the kids always leave with more questions.

”Being at the museum is kind of building this bridge between formal learning and informal learning, so they come here and have their curiosity peaked and are inspired by the pieces that are on display here.”

”I was just in there with them, and they were asking a bunch of questions and raising their hands,” explains Severson.

We caught back up with Liam after he left the mars exhibit.

He agrees this trip opened his eyes and made his learning come to life.

”The benefit that I had was that I got a really fun out of school experience. I got to see things that you don’t normally see and see new things that I didn’t see last year and would probably never learn if I didn’t come here.”

The museum is hosting it’s first Christmas in the Village event on December 3rd from 2-8pm on the Sun Plaza. You can find out more information and get your tickets here.