UPDATE: Glen Oak Towers residents have water again after main breaks

Water gushes onto the street from where a water main broke Saturday night into Sunday morning...
Water gushes onto the street from where a water main broke Saturday night into Sunday morning at Jefferson and Hamilton Boulevards.(WEEK)
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 5:50 PM CST
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UPDATE - The regional manager for the owners of the Glen Oak Towers apartments says water was supposed to residents of the building after the break, saying the building owner was on top of the situation.

UPDATE (9:40 p.m.) - Amy Taylor, who lives at Glen Oak Towers tells 25 News that water service has been restored for the first time since 4 a.m. on Sunday.

Taylor said she’s filled her bathtub just in case water runs out again. There’s a boil order until further notice for Taylor and her neighbors.

Meanwhile, a 25 News crew spotted a new main break Monday night at Northeast Glendale Avenue and Hamilton Boulevard in Downtown Peoria.

Water main break Monday night at Glendale Avenue and Hamilton Boulevard in Downtown Peoria
Water main break Monday night at Glendale Avenue and Hamilton Boulevard in Downtown Peoria(25 News Now)

PEORIA (25 News Now) - Illinois American Water reported the main that broke in the early hours of Sunday morning was fixed and residents could use the water so long as they boiled it first before consumption.

Yet, Monday afternoon some residents still had no running water.

Amy Taylor lives in Glen Oaks Towers nestled in by multiple hospitals. Since 4 a.m. Sunday, she was unable to cook, drink, or even flush the toilet. Taylor said the American Red Cross was not able to provide any water, her leasing company provided nine 16 oz water bottles per tenant.

As of 6:30 p.m., 25News learned from Taylor that her landlord never contacted the water utility to have the problem fixed, which is why she remained without water. Illinois American is treating the situation as an emergency to restore water to Taylor. Taylor has also filed a complaint with the city against the landlord.

“Right now, it’s just been detrimental, it’s been rough,” Taylor said. “This is a 15-story building with 150 units in it. This is not a healthy, sanitary way to live.”

Taylor and her husband live on a limited income and have no car, which keeps them from leaving the apartment to stay in a total or buy larger cases of water. Her husband also has a condition requiring him to take multiple medications.

As of 5:42 p.m., water had been restored to other buildings, but Taylor said she was still without water.

“What are they going to do to get this resolved and how long is this going to take to be resolved?” Taylor said. “I mean this is absolutely a dire situation, there are people that had no water that had to take their heart medication, my husband himself is on blood pressure and blood thinners.”

Municipal buildings were also impacted by the water outage. The Peoria County Courthouse and Public Library were closed and without water.

Public Library Executive Director Randall Yelverton expects the building to open up Tuesday, and does not anticipate any damage from the outage. The other public library locations remained open Monday.

Illinois American is still investigating the cause of the main break. The water in downtown Peoria is still under a boil order, where any water used for consumption needs to be brought to a rolling boil for five minutes first.