Unit 5 superintendent wants to know why voters said no to tax question

Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 10:12 PM CST
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MCLEAN COUNTY (25 News Now) - Wednesday was the first board meeting for McLean County’s largest school district after its tax referendum failed last week. Potentially, up on the chopping block are electives, school buildings and increased class sizes.

Superintendent Kristen Weikle wants to know why almost 54% of voters said no to an increased annual tax rate in the education fund.

Weikle says she will be spending the next several weeks speaking with voters to understand why they voted no.

The referendum asked if the annual tax rate should be increased to help reduce Unit 5′s budget deficits in the ed fund. Without the approval, the board will have to decide what the next steps are to balance the budget.

“People ask me every day, ‘Are you disappointed?’ Of course, I’m disappointed that it didn’t pass because I know what this could mean for our students,” said Weikle.

The district says it has the lowest ed fund rate in the area. In the past 40 years, there’s been only a 10-cent increase per $100 of a property’s value.

Weikle says to not expect any major decisions until about January.