80+ farmers harvest fields for Hanna City man battling cancer

A nearly two week job took this group around eight hours.
Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 9:55 PM CDT
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Hanna City (25 News Now) - 10 days of work was finished in around eight hours on Monday. This is thanks to more than 80 farmers working together to help one of their own battling cancer.

Kevin Sipp of Hanna City has been battling colon cancer for six years, his wife Willa tells us. Willa says he’s done chemotherapy, radiation and even clinical trials. Right now, the family is focused on Kevin’s comfort, while his neighbors are focused on the Sipps’ fields.

These farmers brought their energy and equipment to take care of Sipp’s corn and bean fields on Monday. They also have hogs on the farm.

The Sipp Family tells us the group covered 640 acres among nine fields, something they are endlessly grateful for.

This was organized in part by Dennis Brooks, Kevin’s best friend. Brooks of D. Brooks Excavating says this is just what the American farmer does.

“This has given our family the time to spend with him. That field was full of love,” said Willa.

“Once you talked to a couple, and word spread, it was just a matter of answering the phone and figuring out what equipment they had, and how it fit into the equation, until we had as many people as we could safely fit in the acres,” said Brooks.

To haul away all the crop, round 20 trucks, including semis, were on standby.

Click HERE to see #SippStrong fundraising efforts for Blue Butts Colon Cancer Fund.