He moved two weeks ago from Peoria to St. Petersburg, now he’s evacuating from Hurricane Ian

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 7:02 PM CDT
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - We all likely know someone who is being impacted by Hurricane Ian. John Hinkle is one of those people. He recently moved from Peoria to St. Petersburg two weeks ago, and you can bet he wasn’t expecting a hurricane on his new front door quite this soon. In St. Petersburg, John Hinkle was in Zone “A,” the first zone forced to evacuate from the area. Hinkle thought moving south to Naples would be the best way to avoid the storm.

Hinkle said, “We’re not used to this hurricane stuff just moving here, so we thought we could go far enough south and the hurricane would miss us. So after that first night here, the very next morning, the hurricane took a little shift, a little turn and started to head towards us.” Unfortunately, it was now too late to leave, but Hinkle said, “We’re just going to ride it out here and hope for the best.”

When we spoke to Hinkle around 11:30 Wednesday morning, the storm was just ramping up. It was tough to stand up straight in the front yard. He added, “Only thing that’s happened so far is they have a pool... the screen for the pool had ripped about 20 minutes ago.” As far as they’re new place in St. Petersburg goes, they are expecting some flooding, but they’re staying optimistic. Hinkle said, “Up in Saint Pete, they said it would flood. We just moved there so it’s not like we have a bunch of stuff from years on end, but it’s all replaceable. As long as we can still live there after this is over, I’ll be okay with that.”

He said he’s feeling okay, but his friends are a bit more worried. He’s glad they’re all together to help each other. Hinkle finished, “If something happens, we’ve got each other and we’ll fight through the damage and all the pick up we’re going to have to do. The main goal is to make sure every body stays safe.” As of 4 PM eastern time, John said they had lost power, but he informed us that they do have generators.

We’ll continue to check in for updates there in Naples.