Twin brother of Peoria’s 19th homicide victim ‘lost his other half’

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 10:08 PM CDT
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - A Peoria man says he’ll never be the same again after his twin brother became Peoria’s 19th homicide victim this weekend.

Xaveria Joiner says he lost his other half, his twin brother Jarvis Joiner.

“It’s like half of my heart and it’s so much pain,” Xaveria Joiner, “I broke down and that was the worst feeling ever.”

25-year-old Jarvis Joiner died after he was shot several times early Saturday morning, the coroner says he was shot, “throughout his body.”

Peoria Police found Jarvis Joiner in an alley near the 900 block of south Greenlawn on Peoria’s south side. Police say there was a crime scene inside a home, Xaveria Joiner believe his brother was shot inside the home and then ran out to the alley.

“I feel like it was a set up, in my opinion,” said Xaveria Joiner.

He saw his brother a few hours earlier. A witness tells 25 News it started when three people broke into the home.

Xaveria Joiner says Jarvis Joiner was a father of two and worked different jobs to get by.

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was a nice young man,” said Jarvis Joiner’s aunt, Lillie Qualls.

His aunt says Jarvis Joiner had plans to go home to Mississippi soon, to see his mother.

“His plan was he wanted to go back home to see his mama and just for him to go back in a casket, to see his mama, that’s not fair,” said Qualls.

Police do not believe Jarvis Joiner was targeted. No arrests have been made, but Xaveria Joiner there will be justice Javier.

“I feel like police are going to do their job, whatever that needs to be. They have to collect the evidence and I’m going to leave it in their hands,” said Xaveria Joiner.

“I cry every night about my nephew, but justice will be settled I can promise you that,” said Qualls.

Peoria Police say the case is still under investigation.