Bloomington fitness center advocates for cardiovascular health at Saturday event

Published: Sep. 24, 2022 at 8:21 PM CDT
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BLOOMINGTON (25 News Now) - One fitness center had the goal of getting hearts pumping Saturday morning.

Carle Health Fitness Center hosted its annual Heart Walk for residents and gym members of the area. The idea is to bring awareness to cardiac health, and teach others to remain active in the process. The event featured a pie-in-the-face with a fitness coach and a warm up to get the walk started.

One cardiologist, Dr. Jarzabkowski, has personal experiences of family members with heart health. She pushes everyday for her patients (and herself) to keep it top-of-mind.

“For me, it’s teaching them through example,” she says. “They see me at this facility almost everyday. Either swimming, running, or riding the bike. I practice what I preach.”

Dr. Jarzabkowski provides resources to help others understand heart health, as well as assist in finding facilities closest to home of her patients to meet their goals and remain healthy.

Beka Lavicka, a heart failure nurse, recommends people get check-ups through a licensed professional, like a dietician.

“One of my jobs is making sure you follow up with all of your specialists, “ she says. “Cardiology is important, but making sure your see your primary is just as important.”

Participants had the option to walk one, two, or three laps around the facility for the event. No sign-up was required, and donations were taken to help with Carle Bromenn Cardiac Services.