Peoria liquor store owner speaks out after attempted burglary

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 9:16 PM CDT
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PEORIA (25 NEWS NOW) - Peoria Police reported around 3:30 on Wednesday morning four juveniles attempted to break into a Tequila Tia’s on North Prospect Rd.

Owner Christell Frausto said she was alerted by the police of the attempted burglary.

“Right away, I hopped on my cameras to see what kind of damage we had. It looked like broken glass,” Frausto said.

Before they hit Tequila Ria’s police said the juveniles sped away from the police in a stolen vehicle and burglarized another store–stealing money.

“We freak out because we have a business to run. Your business doesn’t stop. You still have payroll you still have invoices, having to deal with a break in. We’ve been there before it takes days and money that you don’t always get back,” Frasuto said.

Although the juveniles were not able to get inside the store, they did leave thousands of dollars in damage from broken windows.

Frausto said she was frustrated with the burglary, but she was not giving up on her community.

“I feel violated as far as someone trying to break into my business but the customers and the neighborhood that we serve. I feel safe in the East Bluff because this is where we live and we serve,” Frausto said.

Residents in the area said they feel the same–they didn’t feel safe, but they loved their community.

“I’ve seen the shootings and everything throughout my life. It’s half and half of it is saying I’m safe in some places in Peoria and the other half is I’m not safe,” Peoria resident Marcus Jackson said.

Police said they were still investigating the burglary and have not made an arrest.