Electoral board hears arguments on district petitions in Normal

Both parties, including objector Patrick Dullard (far left) and petition filers represented by...
Both parties, including objector Patrick Dullard (far left) and petition filers represented by David Shestokas (far right), sit at the electoral board meeting to make their arguments.(WEEK)
Published: Aug. 29, 2022 at 5:52 PM CDT
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - The Town of Normal’s electoral board heard arguments Monday whether or not a referendum proposing council districts should be placed on the November ballot.

While separating the town into six districts is at the core of the issue, what’s being debated at City Hall is whether there are enough signatures to get the proposal on the ballot and, if Normal is legally able to have a district system.

The objector to the petition, Normal resident Patrick Dullard, thinks some of the signatures are not accurate or invalid, putting the petition below the required number of signatures.

For those who filed the petition, they believe they are well within the legal right and ability to get the proposal on the ballot.

David Shestokas, representing the petition filers, said both arguments against the proposal are wrong. He argues the Town of Normal fits into a category of the municipal code that would allow them to create districts.

Despite Normal being called a “town,” Shestokas believes it actually fits the definition of a “village,” which is allowed to have districts under the municipal code. He also argues that the objector to the petitions needed to show which signatures he believed to be false in order for his argument to be valid.

Shestokas recently ran for Illinois Attorney General, but lost in June’s Republican primary.

Dullard was not available for comment after the meeting. He did make his arguments before the electoral board.

The board - comprised of Mayor Chris Koos, Councilman Kevin McCarthy and Town Clerk Angie Huonker - will announce its decision Tuesday at 7 p.m.