Autism doesn’t stop Washington teen from following his dreams

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 10:22 PM CDT
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WASHINGTON (25 News Now) - A Washington teen is following his dreams, facing down the challenges he sees living with a disability. At 18, he’s a year into operating his own business with the support of his family every step of the way.

Gavin Gayle, 18, graduated high school last year and decided not to further his formal education in order to learn about running his own business.

“That’s what I did. It’s a risk, but it has definitely helped me get to where I am today,” said Gayle.

After investing about $6,000 over the years, Gayle started G2 Sound & Lighting. His own DJ operation.

Gavin will tell people he’s not an average teen, he’s autistic.

“I feel like it may be like a stereotype that I may not be able to learn some stuff about professional lighting and sound,” said Gayle.

But he’s overcoming those obstacles. In the past year, he’s DJ’d weddings, Morton’s homecoming and prom, along with other community events. He says being autistic has helped him.

“It definitely helps me hyper-focus on stuff that I’m passionate about,” said Gayle.

His mom, Amy Gayle, agrees.

“When I noticed Gavin was just a little bit, ‘not normal,’ I just would tell him you’re no different than anybody else. You’re not disabled, you’re differently abled,” said Amy Gayle.

She’s proud of her son as he works a full-time job while maintaining the business on the side.

“He has found his niche and I have always encouraged it,” his mom continued, “He is living his dream right now.”

Gayle will soon DJ another homecoming, eventually he sees himself with a larger role. Perhaps, a lighting director.

“I definitely want to look a little more into theatres. I would love to do concerts,” he said.

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