Blueberries and understanding the concept of farm to table

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 12:30 PM CDT
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(25 News Now) - All those stats are making me hungry.

I went blueberry picking at Braffet Berry Farm.

Well we started back in 1996 and then we love blueberries and we’re tired of heading north to go pick and we soil sampled - this was the lowest PH area on our ground and then a couple years ago we talked about putting in apples - probably 2017 is one we ordered and we have just under four hundred apple trees and nine varieties and hoping to do field trips for homeschoolers, Pre-K.

We’ll have apple cider donuts and just a little bit of -- we’ll have a hay ride a little pumpkin patch, more educational talking about how our bees play such a significant part of what we do and how successful we wouldn’t be without them. So we do have our hives on the farm.

I feel it’s important because most kids especially don’t understand that the fresh fruit and vegetables that they see in the stores don’t actually grow they’re you know they’re not raised there so I think it’s important that they understand the concept of the farm, the grower, distribution. how did they get from the field to the grocery store and then the process of it all. I think it’s very important to them to realize what it takes to get it from field to plate.

I think for why they need to know this is -- it’s just it’s all around us and it is out there in the community you just need to know where to look for it but there is a lot ofgrowers but more so I think our community hearing the feedback that I get from them is I think they wish we were bigger so hopefully we can add a little bit more of the strawberries. It’s got to the point where we can’t advertise too much because we don’t have that much of a product for the demand that’s area sadly.

I think we’ve seen the growth in people being knowledgeable and being more reminded of where their food comes from and knowing that there’s something local that they can come out and actually pick it themselves and see how it’s raised. I think it’s huge I think this generation is all about accountability when you have all these people that are not used to the farm scene that the farm experience is something new to them and they really want to pass that on to their children.

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