‘The Walking Dead’ actor makes appearance at ‘Quad-Con’

Published: Jul. 24, 2022 at 3:01 PM CDT
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PEORIA (25 News Now) - Comic conventions often aren’t just a celebration of childhood nostalgia and pop culture, but a chance to share a room with people who make careers out of it.

Saturday, the Peoria Civic Center hosted ‘Quad-Con,’ bringing together lovers of all things gaming, movies, TV, and comics. Attendees got the chance to meet actor Ross Marquand, known from the TV series The Walking Dead and movies like Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, who shared his experience from growing up to where he is now.

“I remember being a kid in Denver, we were one of those fly away or fly over states. Not a lot of people stop by Colorado for whatever reason,” he says. “We were just considered middle America, and a lot of places just did not have cons back then. ”

Marquand was in his element at the event. Like many visitors, he’s a comic collector himself, with copies of Marvel series one through three and the Marvel Masterpiece comic books.

Since 2006, Marquand has played more than 50 characters over the course of his career. But getting a role in a Marvel film was a childhood dream. He says he did the cabbage patch dance when he learned about his role, playing a new version of the villain Red Skull - also known as Stonekeeper - in Infinity War.

Marquand became sentimental about his Walking Dead days, and reflected on the character he holds closest to him as a person.

“(The) character that resonates with me is most definitely Aaron,” he says about his character from the show. “I think he’s not only just a great fighter. but he’s also a great leader, very diplomatic. He’s kind to people, he gives people a chance to prove themselves, and he’s very good at forgiveness. If there were an apocalypse that actually happens, I would like to be as good of a man as he was.”

Marquand is currently cast in the animated series Invincible on Prime Video, and will star in a new animated series next year, Avenging Justice.

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