Checking in on restaurants coping with inflation

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 6:17 PM CDT
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PEORIA (WEEK) - Many restaurants in the Greater Peoria said they were feeling the pressure from inflation, staffing and supply chain issues but despite that, some still thrived.

“We give great service, we’re really consistent about the food that comes out of the kitchen,” Server at Eggcellent Café in the Levee District Jasmine Hughes said.

Eggcellent Café said their trick was swapping vendors. To keep customers coming, they make sure their ingredient quality was consistent despite the changes.

“The products that come out of the kitchen, everything is still really good since the start,” Hughes said.

Down the street from Eggcellent Café, Pho Noodle House said they were hit hard when COVID-19 shut their doors but getting through that heightened their adaptability.

“When the pandemic started I was not sure what we would do but people really supported us and kept us afloat through that,” Pho Noodle House General Manager Houston Mach said.

They weren’t without challenges- supply chain issues like a halt on chili posed issues for the spicy menu. That, and other supply chain issues cause them to raise prices.

“People understand that we’re not trying to price gouge, we’ve increased at just a reasonable rate to account for those raising prices on our end,” Mach said.

For smaller kitchens - the issues are just as big.

“We were denied for months from any delivery services that were going on our own just trying to compare prices,” Owner of Meet Me on Madison Amy Tomblin said.

Meet Me on Madison Café kept steady clients but not without effort - finding proper staff was a struggle.

“I really could use someone to step in at my level so that I could try to be open more days a week so that I could be able to make ends meet,” Tomblin said.

As inflation remained high restaurants said they were hopeful that the community would continue to support.

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