Multi-generational farming

Multi-generational farming
Multi-generational farming
Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 12:22 PM CDT
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CHRISTIAN COUNTY (WEEK) - I talked to Len Corzine, a fifth and sixth-generation farming family on their history and the future of farming.

Our family - our ancestors came here - in 1874 so I’m the fifth generation on our farm -- my son Craig is a sixth generation.

So it’s an exciting time in the ag industry right now because we’ve had cold chilly weather and what everybody’s looking for is the right time to get out of the field and go into planting season. It is spring here in Central Illinois and everybody’s chomping at the bit to get these tractors and planters moving.

That’s right because this time of year is the time when we all look forward to and we’ve prepared for about six months you - produce out of a couple seeds a bushel of corn.

Mighty acorns big oaks grow.

That’s exactly right.

So even though it’s springtime and we’re going into planting season we just don’t start planning planting season in the spring this started back in the fall during harvest.

The combine is collecting all the data that we use to analyze the fields, we soil test -- every other years we collect that data too and take time to go over the equipment and replace parts and and maybe replace some pieces of equipment.

You know what we put some new precision some new technology on this planter.

You mentioned a couple of terms precision farming and precision planting when that seed goes in the ground you just don’t open up a furrow and put it in the ground you have depth you have spacing - all of that happens right here on these pieces of equipment.

That’s right and it is awesome the job that the equipment does for us today in that regard as far as -the ground isn’t always real even but getting the seed placement work needs to be both on depth and the seed spacing is extremely important. We use the term “we want that feel to look like a picket fence when it comes up.” That is a big deal in regards to not only a yield but also weed control because if you get a good stand of your corn or soybeans sorry doesn’t take as much chemistry in plant protection products to control the weeds because you’ve got the crop actually can compete with the weeds and takes care of itself in that regard.

I wish you and your family a very happy and safe planting seeds.

Thank you we will go with that you know that’s what we plan on we’ll get in here one of these days and a lot of your folks may see a lot of headlights running around even at night time.

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