One Class at a Time: Mrs. Goard

IVC High School’s leader in life skills
One Class at a Time - Mrs Goard
Published: Apr. 19, 2022 at 10:53 AM CDT
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CHILLICOTHE (Heart of Illinois ABC) - Mrs. Goard uses one word to describe her life skills classroom.

“Oh my God, fun-fun” says the Life Skills teacher!

She says the more hands on activities during the day, the more she can keep their attention, making things quote fun for all involved despite the pandemic hurdles.

“It’s been challenging the last couple of years obviously because of Covid-19, I think they have adapted much better than I have.”

She works with all levels, students ranging in age from 17 thru 20.

Even when they’re high school eligibility is up, I.V.C. will now offer resources to prepare them for life in the real world starting next year.

“The transition program is designed to get them out in the work force, I.V.C. will be starting their transition program next year. That will have our seniors, they will graduate, but they will come back to IVC with a focus on job skills.”

For now it’s the job of Heart of Illinois ABC and CEFCU to put a little money in this teacher’s pocket.

As to what she would like to use the money for, Mrs. Goard would like to see her students, start to develop a green thumb.

“I would love to introduce gardening to the students. Maybe like an indoor horticultural set, maybe hydroponics, I would just love to really introduce gardening to the students.”.

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