Local weather experts encourages mobile home safety during severe storms

Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 5:27 PM CDT
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PEORIA (WEEK) - While the severe storms missed the Central Illinois area Wednesday, local emergency managers say people should have a plan in place for the next severe weather threat.

Going to a basement or interior room away from windows are the best places to go, but seeking shelter inside a mobile home or RV could be deadly.

Fulton County ESDA Director Chris Helle said if your mobile home community doesn’t have a designated shelter, if possible go to a friend or family member’s home in an area not impacted by severe weather.

Helle also recommends people make sure their mobile homes are anchored down before the storm to prevent them from blowing over.

“Sometimes mobile homes can act like a sail,” Helle said.

“If you get a good wind, it will actually tip the unit over, severing gas lines, water lines, and more importantly, injuring someone inside or outside of the unit,” he added.

Helle also said people can also contact their local emergency management agency to find safe locations in their community and to not try to outrun a severe storm.

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