Local experts offer flood prevention tips as heavy rain season approaches

Image courtesy of MGN.
Image courtesy of MGN.(WEEK / Heart of Illinois ABC)
Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 5:23 PM CDT
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(WEEK) - With all the rain central Illinois has seen recently, local basements or crawl spaces could be at risk of flooding.

Water damage specialists at ServiceMaster of Central Illinois say during heavy rain, puddles can form around houses - especially in rural areas with less street drainage.

If gutters are clogged, those puddles can keep rising until the water finds a way inside the home.

Experts say if you have a sump pump, get it checked out at least once a year, because spending a couple hundred dollars on a home inspection can save people from spending thousands on repairs down the line.

“There could be walls and flooring damaged, any personal belongings. And of course, if it is not dried out properly, the mold you may not see behind the walls could be a huge problem,” said Brittany Hawkins, marketing director for ServiceMaster of Central Illinois.

Hawkins adds if flood damage gets too severe, some local services might not even have the means to help get a home back to its original condition.

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