High fuel prices leading to higher food prices

Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 4:37 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News) - With the continued rise in fuel prices creating pain in your pocketbook, the correlation of fuel prices to food prices is alive and well.

Food prices, historically, always increase when fuel increases but with this recent rise to near historic levels, local restaurants and grocers will begin to feel the squeeze from fuel prices like never before.

Alwan & Sons Meat Company is seeing that rise in cost on their end and with their vendors. Regardless of the product, the squeeze is felt.

“It pretty much goes across, it’s pretty level, I assume the price of the individual item has gone up from that or they had to transport it they land it and then.” Said Pat Alwan.

Pat Alwan is a co-owner of Alwan & Sons Meat Company and he continued to tell us that when they receive deliveries, the companies have added a few extra dollars on the delivery. When asked about raising prices, Pat tells us that it is a last resort.

“The last thing we want to do is raise prices. It detours business a little bit so only at the last moment we will want to raise the price.” Said Pat Alwan.

Across the Peoria area, people know that they can go to Alwan & Sons for high-quality products and locally sourced meats and produce. That quality and consistency is why they have a dedicated customer base and have since the early 1950s. Pat Alwan tells us they will never sacrifice quality to save a buck.

“Customers expect that when they come here, they get the best quality product that’s available. It’s a step up from the grocery store. They expect it to be great and they expect it to be the same every time they come in.” Said Pat Alwan.

Pat is hopeful that the fuel squeeze will be brought under control soon to help “stop the bleeding.”

Fuel prices have largely been affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The Biden Administration announced Tuesday that the United States will not receive oil from Russia going forward, which will continue to affect fuel prices in the U.S.

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