Electric Vehicles becoming more attractive as fuel prices reach record numbers

Published: Mar. 7, 2022 at 4:53 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News) - It is a thought many have had since the dawn of the modern electric vehicle “should I switch?” Now, with gas prices approaching record highs with no end in sight, the idea of electric vehicles is becoming much more attractive to many across the country.

Mashael Almowallad travels for her job many weeks out of the year, the trip around 400 miles. In December 2020, she purchased a Tesla Model 3. Despite initial concerns about range, she has no regrets.

“I was so scared of thinking about how I’m going to charge it. How often do I have to charge it and all that was a big concern but I decided I decided just to make the move.” Said Almowallad. She also told us that when she took delivery of her new car, she kept her old one for a couple of months just in case. She quickly realized that the old vehicle was not needed anymore.

Almowallad told us that when she is home, she charges her Tesla overnight. She only uses a standard outlet charger and she said it is enough to charge, though it is slower. Living in Downtown St. Louis, she doesn’t have the option to install charging equipment into a garage but if you buy an EV and have that option, you should do it.

“When it gets cold outside it will not charge your car most Tesla’s and other brands, that 20 amp outlet that’s in your garage just to maintain the batteries in the cold weather.” Said Chris Stewart, CEO of J. Hulick Electric in Peoria.

He has overseen the installation of dozens of charging systems, mostly the 50 amp option that will charge an EV rather quickly.

Stewart tells us that he believes this is only the beginning.

“Almost every new construction, especially on commercial construction is now somewhere in the print there’s a line item, specifying charging stations in the parking lots. I really see the infrastructure of electric charging stations. growing tremendously. I really do believe that. Next, probably here two years, you’re gonna see, triple, you know, what you see now in Peoria. Said Stewart.

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