VIEWER VIDEO: Object falls out of sky over Central Illinois

Falling Object, East Peoria
Falling Object, East Peoria(Gene Welvaert)
Published: Feb. 15, 2022 at 4:28 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News) - Two viewers reached out to us with a video of an object falling out of the sky in Central Illinois.

The object as seen in Gene Welvaert’s video taken from a security camera in East Peoria, shows an object falling into the frame and breaking apart in the atmosphere. The object comes into the video from the top right region of the frame. The object breaks into several pieces and flashes very bright colors, blowing out some of the video’s color balance in the process.

The second video, from Julie Small in Peoria, shows a different angle of this same object falling at the same time. The object falls into the frame near the middle behind a large tree branch in the foreground. Note, the time in the second video is likely off by exactly one hour due to an error regarding daylight saving time.

We reached out to Renae Kerrigan, Curator of Science at the DOME Planetarium in Peoria and she believes this could be a piece of a Starlink Satellite falling out of orbit. Space-X announced last week that 40 Starlink Satellites were damaged beyond repair by a geomagnetic storm and would eventually begin falling out of orbit. She also mentioned that the pattern of break-up and colors from the object burning suggest something man-made rather than a meteor.

Kerrigan told us that this is only a best guess and that no meteors have been reported in the region during the same time.

According to the American Meteor Society website, there are many pending reports of a fireball from across the midwest at similar times to the videos sent to us.

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