VIDEO: Streator Fire Department rescues dog from a hole

Published: Feb. 13, 2022 at 6:50 PM CST
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PEORIA (WEEK) - Streator Fire Fighters said a man’s walk with his dog at Marilla Park on Saturday morning took a turn when the dog sensed something wrong.

The dog lead his owner to a hole where they found a trapped golden retriever.

“This dog had fell into a five-foot hole and who has been missing for about 24 hours, from what I understand,” Streator Fire Chief Fred McClellan said.

The missing dog was named Macy. When firefighters arrived, they tried to get Macy out with a ladder, but the older dog couldn’t climb it.

Fire Chief Fred McClellan went into the hole to get her. He wrapped webbing around her, so the rescue team could pull her out.

It took some maneuvering because of the unsteady ground.

“If you can see me falling. It was because the ground started to break on my one foot underneath, so I stepped across the hole to grab and then it collapsed again. Luckily my engineer Tim Redd was able to finish pulling the dog out safely,” McClellan said.

Once Macy was free, she was a bit shaken. But, after reuniting with her owner, she was in much better spirits.

“The owner got very muddy from the dog,” McClellan said.

Streator fire fighters wanted pet owners to know, if they found themselves in a similar situation, to call the fire department for help.

Full video found here.

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