Residents asked to clear snow around fire hydrants

Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 3:26 PM CST
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EAST PEORIA (25 News) - The winter storm has come and gone and now Central Illinois will be dealing with lots of packed and discarded snow for the next couple of weeks.

One issue that you might not think about is fire hydrants, specifically the need for firefighters to get to them after significant snowfall and how much time it would take for them to dig to the hydrant.

In the immediate aftermath of the winter storm we aired a call from local Fire Departments asking residents to clear out the snow from around fire hydrants, today, we spoke with a Lieutenant at the East Peoria Fire Department as to why it is so important.

“Anytime there was a significant amount of snowfall we asked residents to clear the fire hydrants if they have one in their yard or if they see one in their neighbor’s yard. We ask that they clear a space or three feet circumference around the fire hydrant to really just make it easier for firefighters in the event of an emergency to access that fire hydrant.” Said Lieutenant Justin Hale.

In the case of an emergency, seconds are critical and if a firefighter has to waste time digging to the fire hydrant, that is even more time for a fire to spread. According to Lieutenant Hale, a fire can double about every 30 seconds. They ask that you clear out a 3-feet circumference around the hydrant if you have one in your yard or neighborhood. If you see a hydrant in your neighbor’s yard, talk to them and relay the message. If they cannot clear it themselves, take a few minutes to take care of it.

This one small gesture can make a difference in the event of an emergency.

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