Soybeans can help you travel

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 6:50 PM CST
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(25 NEWS) - Did you know soybeans can get you where you need to go? I travel to Peoria and talk with CityLink’s Emily Watson.

CityLink is the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District -- we’re the public transit entity in Peoria, Illinois.

We have a fixed route service of buses and then we also have a fleet of paratransit vehicles with CityLift which is demand response and then also county link which goes into the rural areas of Peoria county.

We use B20 biodiesel fuel and we use it on all of our fixed-route buses and on our paratransit vehicles.

From what I understand it works really well for our fleet -- we’ve been using it for you know on

and off for quite some time and we wouldn’t continue to still use it if it wasn’t working for our fleet.

We also love the fact that it is you know the beans are looking regionally grown and so were able to have a piece of the farming community that surrounds Peoria that’s part of the whole piece of the puzzle that works with using B20 fuel.

It’s better for the environment and so we know that whenever we emit emissions from our buses -- our buses that are fuel sourced they are emitting cleaner air and we know that the B20 fuels are even better than traditional diesel fuel we have.

We have a great partnership with the B20 Club of Illinois. We’ve been pleased to be able to have these two bus routes on

two of our buses for now this is going in the second year -- and this is just an opportunity for us to partner with them even

more -- and be able to have the benefits B20 shouted from the rooftops from our buses and so it’s just a great way for

us to partner with them and the message of B20 and its benefits to get out there and so people realize that we’re using it. I don’t think people always think about what kind of fuel is CityLink using -- they probably assume it’s just traditional diesel fuel -- so this is just one way for us to be able to educate people on the type of fuel we’re using.

We’re a proud partner of the B20 Club and we’re proud to be able to use B20 and to do something that is different.

I know we’re a unique transit agency -- not every transit agency in the country -- even in the state -- is using B20 fuel so -- we are glad to be a trailblazer in this way and be able to you know share our experience with people.

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