Farming backbone: the farmer

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 7:35 PM CST
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(25 NEWS) - Technology is changing the face of ag but the backbone of agriculture is the farmer. Let’s visit with the women-owned business Malone Cattle Company and Cori Malone.

In general, cattle do really well in these colder temperatures. I tell everybody at about 30-40 degrees they are just really happy -- as happy as we are on the beach. In general, they do pretty well. As that temperature starts to dip you know lower than 30 -- as it gets in the 20s, the teens, and as we live in Illinois even colder than that -- that’s when we start to become a little bit more concerned with how they’re doing in the cold.

In general, we feel as though we can feed them correctly and keep them warm and also get them out of the elements and that really helps them with the cold

We’re standing in what we call the maternity pen and so there are a couple cows out here that have their calves, they were just born last week and then there’s a couple in here that are due here in the next week -- in the sheds actually we have a little section that only the calves can get into so the cows can’t get in there. It’s really deep in straw to help keep those calves extra-warm.

We utilize January, February, March as our calving season so that we can make the most of the forages that we grow right here on our farm and so if you think about the grass and the trees greening up that’s all happening April, May June and so when those cow’s nutrient requirements are at their highest levels is when they’re nursing those calves we want to make sure we’re taking advantage of what mother nature is providing.

I have grown up and I’ve known this life my entire life. I say I was born in a barn -- because I did grow up in the barn -- in kind of have a unique story, suppose. My grandfather-- his passion was the beef cattle and we passed that on to my mom who then pass that along to me and so my mom really taught me everything about cattle and at the time I didn’t really think it was that unique to know -- if I had a question about how to breed a cow I want asked my mom -- but it’s something that I guess I’m extra proud of that I’m a female in this industry who was taught by people in this industry and now I have a daughter who I hope to be a female in this industry -- she’s only two right now but she sure does love the cows.

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