Farm radio: A farmer’s best friend

Published: Jan. 25, 2022 at 8:20 PM CST
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(25 NEWS) - The best friend any farmer has a strong radio. I stop by WYXY Classic for a chat with farm director Gale Cunningham.

Farmers need information and the broadcasters give them that information and they become trusted him informants of what’s going on in the agricultural world but I think farmers are looking for several things every day.

I think first off they wanna know what the weather’s going to do. Above that they wanna know what the markets are doing. At the same time they want to know what everybody else is doing and then they wanna know what’s coming down the pipeline in research or development or technology that’s going to be a benefit possibly for my operation and my family and my profitability of the unit.

But then along came -- in the last century or so -- another one and that is we need to be informants of what agriculture is, how do farmers produce the food and fiber for each and everyone of us.

Of the food that goes on your plate there’s more curiosity today about where does my food come from.

Well a broadcaster can do that by telling people how it’s raised, who raised it and how they do it and the perils and the advantages and disadvantages of victories and losses of raising food for the entire world.

I represented this past year all of the farm broadcasters from Maine all the way to California and from North Dakota clear down into Florida that get up early with the chickens -- just as farmers do, report good solid information all the way throughout the day and without question from broadcasters.

Farm broadcasters not only have a passion for agriculture but also have a passion for telling the true story about what’s going on down on the farm and for farm families and rural communities and I was blessed to be the president -- this past year but I was also significantly blessed by serving as a broadcaster to my listeners.

You like to talk, I like to talk so it’s a good thing we get to share our passion not only with the farmers but also the non-farming consumers as they’re flipping that dial and they trip across our reporting it is our hope wish and desire that they learn something and have those questions answered and those myths busted.

Well Gail, this is been an outstanding conversation -- thank you so much for helping me unpack the huge benefits to farm broadcasting and to the general public.

Well thank you Sarah it’s a pleasure to get a chance to visit with you.

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