Gyms and fitness centers vs. At-home workouts

Adaptation is key.
Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 4:48 PM CST
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MORTON (25 News) - The Pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, mentally, economically, and physically. Gyms and their owners have had a difficult time, with a significant amount of time being spent closed at times. Due to the nature of exercising, it is difficult to keep clean and sanitized even when not in a pandemic.

However, humans are adaptable creatures. We figure out how to do things in the face of adversity. Some people turned to at-home workouts and continue to do them to this day. Some have returned to the gym now that mandates have relaxed significantly, despite COVID not having gone away.

“I think it’s really forced a lot of us to get out of our comfort zones, even gym owners, right? Like we’ve had to adapt, we’ve had to respond. And I think this is giving people a lot more options.” Said Justin Bolkema, owner of BRelentless in Morton.

BRelentless is a different kind of fitness center, it is smaller, and focuses on smaller more focused workout routines. Their protocols never really changed, Justin telling us that they had a strict cleaning regimen before COVID started.

Mark Chojnacky, co-owner of Impact Fitness and Lifestyle Center, also in Morton, said that they did see a significant drop in memberships at the start of the Pandemic, but have seen many of them come back.

“We have a large percentage that initially quit to work out at home. But as they’ve seen that we’ve done significant upgrades and that we actually have better equipment than they can have a home.” Said Chojnacky.

He also believes that the social aspect of the gym is important to people too.

“They can actually socially interact with somebody at the front desk’ it becomes more than just a workout experience it also becomes a social experience.” Said Chojnacky.

Regardless of where you’re exercising, it is important to get some during the week. Living a healthier lifestyle can help you in the long run.

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