Peoria’s unsheltered residents and the extreme cold

Dangerous cold in Central Illinois today, tonight, and tomorrow.
Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 3:26 PM CST
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PEORIA (25 News) - With the extremely low temperatures in Central Illinois today and through tomorrow, local municipalities have opened up some warming centers for those who are in need. The warming centers are a big help to those who rely on public transportation or are homeless. The extreme cold poses particular risks to the homeless and those who rely on buses and other means of transportation that are exposed to the elements.

One resident at Peoria’s Salvation Army Shelter has his commute and routine down to a science to best ensure his comfort while commuting to work. He tries to minimize the time spent outside in the harsh cold we have now.

“Me personally, I have to get to work and back. The bus stop is nearby here. I don’t go out early and enjoy the day, let’s say on a nice sunny day and whatnot. It’s last-minute. Get there hopefully right when the bus shows up.” Said Tim, resident at the Salvation Army Shelter in Peoria.

The unfortunate side effect that you may not realize the extreme cold brings is the potential for cabin fever, especially in the shelter where there are many staying.

“On the days that I don’t work well, let’s just say, the fresh air doesn’t happen as often. The sad part is that can lead to cabin fever and everybody you know, enclosed and in the same spot. Couple more months, we’ll just tough it out and make it work. Said Tim.

Tim tells us that usually when the day is nice, he would get out earlier for his commute and enjoy the day before work. With the cold, he doesn’t like to be out for anything other than the commute. He also told us that sometimes cabin fever can make you irritable, but the shelter does try to ease that with things to do if you can’t get outside.

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