High Crops Yields: Precision Planting

Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 10:28 AM CST
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(25 NEWS) - Everyone wants higher yields for their crops.

Bryce Baker at Precision Planting shares solutions and tips for farmers and backyard growers.

“Planting precisely is super important to optimize yield and plant growth and development. So as we think about the order of importance, getting consistent emergence is the most important thing that farmers should worry about as their planting is setting the stage for that.

What we found is that consistent heat and moisture drive consistent emergence and when we have late emergence, as evidenced by plants that are one or two leaf collars behind in growth that come up a few days or multiple days late, it actually impacts the yield so a farmer can sell, say, seven days after their plants emerge.

They can tell which ones will set a good year and which ones will have smaller ears, thereby impacting their yield.

And where Precision Planting comes into that is the way you plant impacts your harvest so that that millisecond that seed gets dropped in the ground the way the soil is put back around it.

The density of the soil, the amount of moisture. The amount of heat really impacts the rate of emergence and ultimately the final yield. So even from a gardening perspective, this matters - the depth at which you plant seeds.

Let’s just say you’re planting seeds in a row. So green beans, peas, carrots, onions, whatever it might be, getting them at the same depth so they can absorb moisture and then emerge at the same time is really important.

If you look in your garden and you see, Oh, there’s there’s a foot where I know I put seeds, but there’s nothing growing. And then five days later, something comes up, they’re more than likely - if you follow that plant through the ones that came up, we will have less of whatever the fruit is.

And so that’s a gardening scale. The farmers are just doing that millions of times per field with mechanized equipment, and that’s how that all ties together, whether you’re a homeowner or a farmer from a scientific perspective. Farmers use technology to ensure that these seeds get planted in a way that leads to uniform emergence and consistent yields.

So there are sensors on equipment, specifically planters to measure depth, adjust depth on the fly based on the amount of moisture in the soil. It’s not just for make a furrow and put a seed in and close it.

There’s constant adjustment that’s happening to ensure that that consistency of emergence is there.”

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