Agribusiness weather with 25 Weather Tracker Chief Meteorologist Chuck Collins

Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 2:25 PM CST
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(25 NEWS) - Hi everybody, I’m Chief Meteorologist Chuck Collins.

Boy, we’ve had a Jekyll and Hyde fall, the harvest got off to a good start with a dry and warm September, and then it got rainy in October slowed things down, but things have picked back up, obviously.

And then what about the rest of the fall into the winter? I’ll talk more about that in a couple of seconds.

Right now, here’s the USDA drought monitor. We’re in good shape for most of us in central Illinois, but the drought continues north of I-80, northern Illinois, Iowa, and it gets worse as you go west.

We’re looking at the Upper Plains, Big Sky Country, the Pacific Northwest, California desert southwest interior sections of the Rockies, including Denver, where they’re seeing brushfires in elevations they’ve never seen them before. They’re supposed to be snow there, but it’s not. So things are catching fire the higher up you go.

So what about the fall and winter? Well, we’re looking for La Nina once again. We had La Nina last winter and this winter as well. It’s a double-dip. La Nina and La Nina, basically as a cooling of the equatorial Pacific, which gives us some well, can give us wild weather patterns in the wintertime.

What about the snow and precipitation? It looks like the above-normal snowfall will continue around the Great Lakes, but we’re very close to that, so we’ll keep an eye on it.

The big cold air should stay to the north, but we’ll have intrusions from time to time. The much drier conditions, unfortunately, continue in the southwest, with fires there and a stormy pattern along the subtropical jet stream as you go to the southeast.

As far as what I’m looking for us here in central Illinois, some wild temperature swings, periods of mild temperatures, cold temperatures but no indication of anything prolonged bitterly cold winter precip looks like above normal on all counts, including several mixed events out there. Maybe an ice event or so clouds and fog. Normal winter snow about 25 inches. I’m going from 28 to about 30.

No matter what kind of winter we have in central Illinois farmers, there are no snow days for them. They keep going.

That’s agribusiness weather.

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